I found this article which I found interesting:

It basically says that Bill Dances and several other guides have been following shad. Bill followed threadfin shad, bait balls, for several hours each day for 10 consecutive days.

He and other observed that is why bass fishing is so good during the morning and evening hours, because of bait behavior.

During night the shad move up on the banks to get protection from predators and during the day they move to deeper water, so during the early sunrise and sunset you're catching them in the transgression.

Anyone see how/why Gizzard shad behavior and threadfin behavior would differ here?

I've always heard threads were more of an open water bait.

From what I've seen gizzards will stay shallow and on the banks during the day time. I find the warmest water with mud around and throw ( a few more factors of course) It's an interesting article to read, and yes it does relate when striper are targeting threads but, any opinion?