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Thread: Hi Guys wandered in here at Brents suggestion

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    Hi Guys wandered in here at Brents suggestion

    I am here to steal all your fishing holes -- muahahaha -- not really , I got waaaaay too many of my own -- ask and I shall answer, if I can, multi -species talented including coastal southern states and the GOM. If it has Striped Bass in it -- most likely I have fished it --

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    Thanks for joining Tony.

    Tony is one of the most knowlegible striper guys around, and his posts are very informative.

    Glad to have you on board, and looking forward to learning more.

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    welcome Tony, good fishing info is what we need. I'm always glad to see new members. This site will be wonderful once it gets going good.

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    Glad you could join us Tony. I've read alot of your great story's(salt and fresh). Are you still out in the mid west?

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    Hey there Mr. Hughes , glad to see you on board. Have missed reading your reports in the last few months. Tony you guys about over winter out there?

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    Hey Toney good to have you here. Brent beat me to the punch. I was going to give you a heads up on another site. I'm sure you will have some good stories from the time you spent in GA.

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    Good to see you posting here. I've missed you on one of the other sites.

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