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Thread: Smack Tackle

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    Smack Tackle

    Smack tackle is a great company full of good fisherman that make lures that work.

    Please check out their website at www.smacktackle.com

    The gizz3 and gizz4 are a dead ringer shad lure. Nothing swims and looks more like a real shad without stinking. The Flitter baits are just as cool .Jig it , cast it, rip it what ever ,just throw it !

    I like the gizz3 deep and shallow for lakes with hyb's and the gizz4 shallow is the bomb when casting at banks for shallow stripes.
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    man i like the new invisable hooks ,

    wish that was a box of gizz3 and 4 deeps and i wish it was in my boat...lol

    can we get some thread colored and blue back colored in production ??

    Some with a yellow stripe on the gizz3 and gizz4 in blue back .
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    We would have to eliminate some colors to add colors. Some day we might add some blue ones with a chartreues stripe. What do you think of the perch flitterbaits?

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    nice looking lures

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    look good for you guys but not to many perch in georgia. well there is alot more threads then pearch

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    Yes I know there aren't many perch down south. We are trying to get the attention of the Northern boys with those perch Flitterbaits.

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    well i am going to catch a perch just for the smack tackle guys..

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