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Thread: Southern Stripes T-Shirts

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    Southern Stripes T-Shirts

    [click to enlarge]

    T-Shirts and Hoodies are going to be here within a month.

    I'll be giving away plenty of these to top contributors!

    New designs will come with new members, only one design until we reach a higher demand.

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    Looks good! What's on the front? How about a pocket for starters.
    Can I get a couple in a wife beater?

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    Pocket would work...I'll find out about the woman beaters....

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    The shirts look great.

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    Junior Member Fotoguy's Avatar
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    Awesome T-Shirt

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    Can anyone come up with some cool motto's or something?

    I put the Southernstripes on there with the web addy, but I feel like it's missing something.

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    what do you think about a darker color? White shows the logo good but, what color will it be after we wear it fishing? You might put the

    logo on the front left chest or front pocket whatever you come up with.
    I'll try to think on a motto or something while at work tomarrow.

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    i love darker colored shirts , white will look good at the bar or out to eat but wont last 1 day on my boat. Pocket is no big deal to me,could care less, red,grey,blue,green,black, colors are great as long as it is xxl for me please. let us know when they are ready

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    I think we are going to have a charcoal and white...

    dark shirts just get to hot in the summer time, I think they look better though.

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    Are you going to do any long sleeve T's??????

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