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Thread: Discussion Thread: Fishing the Wind to your advantage

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    Discussion Thread: Fishing the Wind to your advantage


    This is the thread to discuss any questions, comments or suggestions for the article "Fishing the Wind to your advantage."

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    there wasn't anything on your link. Unless it was a "trick"

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    i have no clue why the link isn't working. It's there. I'll let you all know when it's fixed.

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    OK, should really be working now.

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    I thought I would show you guys a few spots I try to target. These spots don't always produce stripers, but when they do you can't beat them.

    Indents or small coves off of the main lake seem to allow the stripers to herd up the shad. Most people fish point to point and miss these areas. There are a bunch of other areas on my sample map. I just "x"ed a couple spots to give you an idea. Next time out give these spots a try.
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    GrayFox, there is a button called PrintScreen ( or prtsc) on your keyboard, press it then open paint and paste. That's how you embed maps.

    What makes you decide on one pocket from the other? Do you mark the wind blown coves first? Do you go in mark bait/fish on your sonar and if they aren't there move on to the next?

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    I mostly look for a channel leading up to the back of the pocket. This seems to bring the stripers up from the deeper water. They will usually run the shad to the back of the pockets. That gets them up where my artifical lures are. Later on in the year they will bust them on top of the water. I haven't ever paid much attention to wind. I'm too poor for sonar. I have a old fish finder that mostly just shows me depth. On my home lakes I have learned which pockets produce and which ones don't. You just have to give them a try. The main thing is not to skip from point to point. Most of the time I think the pockets will produce more than the points do. Thanks for the help and the questions. If you have any more I will try to give you an answer.

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