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Thread: Fishing Line

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    Fishing Line

    This year I am switching to new line. I was using BPS excel. The new stuff is not made in the US. The old was the best fishing line I have ever used. I am now going to use P Line. I bought 2 rolls of the 15 lb CCX in the green. Have you tried this line? How does it do? What Line are you useing?
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    My friend got me into Cuda, and that was my go to line. http://www.cudafishingline.com/

    It was the best fishing line I've ever used, but I can't find it anymore and I think they are out of business. I do need to try to call the number though, but I've got no email response.

    Now I use Berkley Big game with P-Line fluorocarbon leader.

    If you've gone with P Line I think you might like it. I've never used their mono line, but I am very happy with their fluorocarbon.

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    I use Berkley Big Game with Berkley flo as my leader. I am a live bait fisherman.
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    I use Big Game or Cajun Red on my trolling reels. Both are tough and dont stretch too much. I just bought a new bait caster and put Berkly Vanish on it. I will let you know what I think of it.

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