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Thread: Report for 3.7.10

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    Report for 3.7.10

    We went out this morning from Kellogg Creek. We found water temps ranging from 45 to 49.5 within sight of fields landing.

    The main lake water temps were much warmer then the creek temps in Sweetwater and Kellogg.

    It looks like the fish are starting to stage, but not in big numbers yet. We were trolling for crappie and had no striper gear in the boat, we came across a big bream panicking on the top water. As we trolled towards it, there was about a 15lbs Striper on the top of the water collumn playing with it. He hit the brim hard, nearly killed it and was playing with it after.

    Gulls were all over north lake, so was shad. Didn't see any dying shad though, and it appears the threadfin kill is over in the part of the lake we were.

    Encouraging the water temp pushed fifty on the north end, and it'll be very shortly with this nice weather we have coming before we see the fish on the move up river.

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    Thanks for the report. Sounds like I would be after the the stripers.

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