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Thread: I messed up something on my reel

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    I messed up something on my reel

    I took my reel apart to clean, oil and lube it up.

    I put it together exactly how I took it apart, and it seemed to work great; It reels as smooth as day one.

    Now I just spooled new line and put a leader on, as soon as I went to reel it up it won't pull tension on the line.
    Does anyone have any clue what I could have done?

    It acts like freespool is on
    I checked the springs and everything looks right. It's a spinning reel

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    You know I will fix it the next time we plan to hit the water.

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    60+ weather days, it's getting time to hit the spot on Carters, I've got all my gear ready and spent over 200 bucks on tackle now...

    I live for spring.

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    I took the drag knob off and put it back on, now it works perfectly.

    Now, I think I am going to hit the water this evening...

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