Quantity Description

4 1" or 1-1/4" x 8" x 28" redwood

6 12" x 5/16" threaded rod

2 6" x 5/16" eyebolt

28 5/16" washers

5/16" nuts

1 quart Quality wood sealant

1 quart High vis. or orange paint

150 feet Planer board line, something low stretch and low diameter, like a nylon

Tools Required:
Hand, radial or table saw - miter saw, plane or rasp, 5/16 wrench or adjustable wrench

Credit goes to http://www.striperfishingtackle.com/...ner_boards.htm for the writeup.

If anyone tries this comment, let us know how it goes.

Where do we get good quality planer board clips though - without paying a ton?