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Thread: A tip for pre-tied leaders...

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    A tip for pre-tied leaders...

    Don't waste your toilet paper or paper towel rolls...

    If you're anything like me you hate tieing leaders in the cold when you can't feel your hands or it's dark and cold. So I'll tie some leaders during a Braves game and store them on paper towel or towel paper cardboard.

    I start to the right and when I use them I start taking them off from the left. This keeps my pretied leaders organized and tangle free.

    I have different rolls for different hook sizes, line sizes and leader types mainly cut-bait, down lines.

    It definitely makes your time out on the water more productive, especially if you decide to change all your lines to a different type.

    Just a small tip for someone who doesn't have a way to keep your leaders out of a knot.

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    Why do you use leaders?

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    We use leaders for live bait, the leaders have different lengths for different purposes and we use them for multiple reasons.

    We use leaders for a few reasons, we can seperate our main mono filament line from our flourocarbon with a swivel and put the weight above the swivel.

    It's much cheaper then using all flourocarbon lines and it eliminates line twist and tangles with the swivel.

    For cut bait, I use a short leader 1-2 ft long with a sinker above the swivel, this way I can cast it much further then I could a leader set up for down lining. I don't always use flourocarbon for cutbait either, I don't think it matters as much.

    For downlines I use long leaders around 5-6 feet long, obviously you couldn't cast something that long.

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