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Thread: We could use some help with ideas.

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    How about a place to advertise retail stores that cater to striper fisherman? Of course I dont know if this forum is already sponsored by one, but It may give people traveling to different areas an idea of where to stop.

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    I like the idea, but we still don't have the traffic to pull in retail sponsors, but we will within the next 6 months I believe.

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    how bout just a simple listing like -- blah blah blah bait and tacklle in hooterville OH. 555-121 -1212 carries ....live trout, shad, lizards.. and maybe a simple area list like just off hwy 282 by the Texaco .. more of a tool then an advertisment -

    then if some of them want to be a official sponsor(s) then they can donate items to be next months give aways..

    That way it keeps it from being a way to advertise for free and if they want to be a sponsor but dont have the cash then it works out for everyone.

    I woulsd say a few lures or spools of line or anything for that matter. Then that keeps us in free crap to win

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    What about adding Lake Nottley
    to the Georgia lakes?

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    Lake Nottley

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    How about A General fish posting area if you don't want to tell where you were?

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    you can post in under the state if you dont want to get specific

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