These fishing reports are all about quality, and quality posts will be rewarded.

Please try to include as much as you can of the following information, we know it isn't always possible but it is a great help.

Weather including:

Water Temps
Air Temp
Wind Actions
Barometric Conditions
Time of day

Please post even if you were skunked, we just want to know. Please use clear English and pictures are not necessary, but appreciated.

Detailed information is appreciated because it helps us judge the fishes behavior and conditions, after all no one expects you to give your great fishing spots or GPS coordinates.

Please post in the appropriate forum based on your lake or river name, if the body of water you were fishing isn't listed, or you don't want to tell us where you were fishing, then you may post here under your state name.

On the first of every month, I will pick the best fishing reports for the month or the top contributors and reward him/her with a $50. Bass Pro Gift Card.
The winner will be announced in the Business Forum.

Thank you for your reports, they are always appreciated here!