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Thread: River Stripers On The PeeDee In SC

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    River Stripers On The PeeDee In SC

    I fish the PeeDee river here in SC and NC. I plan on fishing soon as the river comes back down it was at 23 ft. this morning not good for fishing. The stripers migrate form the coast up the river to spawn all the way to Rockingham,NC . Our season ends the first of June and starts back in October. The DNR started this several years ago. We can keep 3 a day 26" long. I am the only one that I know of that fishes for stripers on this part of the river. Hope the river gets right by the weekend I am about to bust a gut to start.

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    There is 18 ft. of water this morning in the PeeDee still to much water hoping it will be right for Saturday.

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    Plan on going in the morning when I get off work no matter what the water level is in the river. Took 3 days vacation next week to have a long weekend plan on fishing all 5 days.

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    Went this afternoon caught 2 total one 25" and the other 23" had to return them. They have to be 26" long here in SC. Had a great afternoon. Plan on going back tomorrow. Maybe I will get into them I hope so. We can only keep 3 a day 26" long. Caught them a 6" blue broke back rebel. River was down to 10 ft.

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