Water temp currently 78-80
With the recent cool weather should drop in the 70s and this is always some of the best fishing all year.
Friday I took my wife out from 12:00 -3:00,caught bait and was set up by 1:20 fished till 3. This was her first trip where she actually caught fish. Started out with a 20lber later she got a 23 and ended with a 31lber. She is spoiled now with a first trip like that. Had 3 doubles. Earlier this month I got out with my brother in law Chris that just got back from his 3rd tour over seas. He got 3 20s a 31 and 36 lber in 4 1/2 hours. Got ran off by a big lightning storm. Both trips we were using the biggest bluegills we could catch and anchored. This time of year drifting shad is a great pattern but my trolling moter has been messed up. Got some previous pics from last month but everything has changed patterns. For flatheads stick to fishing big trees up against the bank as normal.