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Thread: Catfishing with the family

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    Catfishing with the family

    Got out with my wife and three of my girls. Two of my girls Madison(my oldest) and Destiny(4yrs old) caught all the fish. Taylor wasnt interested, more like to scared so she stayed with momma in the front whole time. Only fished two hours and they were ready to go. All were drifting all small ones. Destiny caught her first catfish and never thought twice about jumping on the reel. I held the rod of course but never touched the reel. A proud moment to see she loved it so much. River temp was 66 and lake temp was 74. During the mid 70s around here the big ones are spawning. For the newbies this is a little tougher time for the bigger ones, and your best best is to go after small ones or in my case I fished the river. When the river cats start spawning target the lake cats for they will about be done with the spawn and the post spawn is a pretty good bite. You will see alot of fresh rub scars. Also remember if you do catch a big one during this time try to get it back in the water as soon as possible and hope it can get back to protect the nest.

    Had a few doubles

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    Nice job Alan. Thanks for the report.

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