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Thread: the big ones !!!

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    the big ones !!!

    here is afew from santee cooper.lake moultrie the first one i caught on my birthday feb 3 it weighed 80 # the second one i caught on black friday it weighed 60# fish where all caught on mullit ancored and drifting. using santee rig 4 pic is of 45# my buddy caught
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    I have only fished there once when I was a kid. We went out with a guide. All I remember is catching my first striper and the lake was like the ocean(wind was bad). I would love to take my boat there and fish it over a long weekend. Cats and stripers.
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    I have only fished there twice the lake is full of monsters.that's where georgia gets it's stripes.they have a season stripers heavy regulated.from what I have seen Georgia striper fishing is better.

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