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Thread: Etowah and coosa danger thurs,Friday

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    Etowah and coosa danger thurs,Friday

    Heard today that Toona will be doing a full discharge Thursday or Friday or both. It's already above flood stage on the rivers and this will be extremely dangerous. May want to stay off these days.

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    Thanks man, heading to carters this weekend, heard it 12ft above full.

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    I'm not sure what that means, but my buddy and I were fishing below Meldahl Dam on the Ohio River when a guy on the loud speaker advised us to move on down stream because they were going to flush the gates. We went down stream a few hundred yards and thought that would be plenty. Wow were we wrong.

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    When they do a fulldischarge it is as much possible they can do. On a small river like the etowah thats extremely dangerous because theres not much space to deal with. Scary stuff

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