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Thread: Homemade Hydro Glow

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    Homemade Hydro Glow

    I have one I bought several years ago. They look simple to build. As summer gets here I depend largly on my light to get some bait(mostly thread fin and herring). I think it's time to build one soon(back-up). I'll be in touch as I gather materials. Anyone else had the time and materials to pull this off?

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    I will get u the list but should not cost not much at all. Lights come from Atl, ballast have to order online but other than that should be easy. Hopefully!

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    $5.99 per foot for clear PVC! So much for saving a bunch. Still might be near half the cost.
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    I have the PVC, ballast on order, Home Depot has the couplings/caps, and a Co-worker picking up the green bulbs. I have enough electrical crap laying around to finish putting the final touches together.
    The boat might look freakish in the water this Saturday if I have time to put one together.

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    Well......The bulbs are going to be delayed. I will have to call the supplier once a week to see if anyone has ordered any. Minimum of 30!

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