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Thread: April big cats

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    April big cats

    Early in the month had a trip that i caught over 40 cats. Best number trip of the month and big fish was 32 lbs. had 5 on at one time that i somehow got all 5 in by myself. Mid April had My furthest client ever fly down from Calgary,Alberta,Canada.2500 miles to catch a big Coosa river catfish. Caught a lot of flatheads and ended it with a 30lb bluecat. His biggest fish he ever caught. Been a few more times and caught a few on cutbait fishing for stripers on the conasauga river. Tuesday my friend Rick and I changed our mind from going after stripers on allatoona to catch a trophy catfish and am glad we did. Ended the day with a 57 lb bluecat after 4 hours. Rick caught a nice mid teen range blue also. This is by far the best time to catch a trophy cat during the prespawn. Last years spawn was mid June on the coosa and it gets tough during that time.

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    Wow, we sure don't have many blues near me and not that many big ones. That is pretty impressive right there.

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