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Thread: Oostanaula and Conasauga stripers

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    Oostanaula and Conasauga stripers

    Hey guys, new on here. The stripers are as thick as any year we have ever had but it's hard to get on the river when it's flood stage like it has been the past few weeks. Still can catch them but the muddy water makes it tough. Right before the heavy rains I was doing good free lining big shad. Now the best technique would be cutbait. Jason caught this one Friday which would have been the new conasauga record but by time he got it to my house it had lost two pounds of sperm. Biggest male that we have seen on coosa basin. Every time it moved speem would shoot out so that says they are spawning right now and not much time before they head back down. I had the Oostanaula record at my boat last week but got away

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    That's a nice fish on any river. That fish will look awesome on the wall.

    This rain is pissing me off! At least I got some work done around the house.

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    Your not the only one. I had an entire week scheduled for nothing but river stripers everyday. Had to call my clients and tell them it might be better if we wait. Now I dont even know if I will have a chance to take them out during this run. I will still make a couple trips but dont expect to hammer them. The only good thing is high water is great for catfishing. Mix that with the best month to catch big cats and we should have an outstanding next month of prespawn.

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    I still have to say that fish looks bigger than that, thats a monster and had to be fun catcching it out of the river. I have not been on the river at all the spring, but cant wait for summer so we can hit the summer river fish. Great job man. Good luck on the cats.

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