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Thread: Hello out there

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    Hello out there

    I've been away for awhile because there never seemed to be any new posts. I see that there still haven't been any new posts. So what is the deal? I will post my last fishing trip if anyone is interested. I will post it on here and see if there is any response.

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    Yeah me too I check back every so often. I always like seeing your reports and pictures.

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    Brent moved to Florida so there hasn't been anyone checking the site. I will do my best when I can.

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    New here, hope we can get some new post here.

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    Thanks Jamie. You still ever talk to Mr. Tony Hughs. He has some great stories!

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    No I haven't talked to him in a long time. I told him about the fish I found over in Bama several years ago and he talked about flying into Bama and us fishing together. He never done it though. I'm sure he has posted somewhere about the new world record coming from there.

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    I know Tony. I can ask him if he wants to join up.

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