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Thread: Stripes on the Hooch.

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    Stripes on the Hooch.

    The past couple weeks on the Hooch.

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    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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    Great looking fish. I am new to stripper fishing would you mind sharing some advice. What did you use as bait, tackle, technique, etc? I live in central NC and won’t be stealing your spot. I just moved here a couple of years ago from Wilmington, NC where I did a little saltwater stripper fishing but so far not doing any good in freshwater stripper.

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    Jim most guys are using shad or trout for bait. You can simply use them on balloons or planner boards. I don't use live bait I enjoy casting plugs for them. These guys were probably Tossing their bait in the tail water.

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    A few more from this year.

    Due to work and building well rebuilding my boat, I was not able to fish much this year, until now.

    We are using live threadfin shad, in the tailwaters when its hot, up the river run in the spring, over humps and sharp changes in depth in between.

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    Subscription post, changed my settings.

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    Nice catch. I haven't been fishing much either. Fixing to head to PCB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike S. View Post
    Nice catch. I haven't been fishing much either. Fixing to head to PCB.
    You suck , I need an injection of Saltwater badly....

    Enjoy your trip Mike.

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