My buddy and I went to Cherokee lake in Tenn. May 16-17. We hit it just right(for not catching much) with a major cold front coming through. We got bait from the marina and started looking for schools of stripers or hybrids. We found fish but they just didn't want to eat. We fished all day but didn't see any action until an hour before dark. We saw a school of fish come up several hundred yards away. We got over there but the action had stopped. We dragged bait through the area and cast Flitterbaits but nothing happend. My buddy was wondering what was going on with the fish when he got the first hit of the trip on his Flitterbait. This was a good fish and took him around the boat a couple of times before getting off. That broke the ice. I hooked up next using a Flitterbait and was fighting my fish when my buddy hooked up too. Then my bait rod took off and now I had two fish on at the same time. My buddy got his hybrid in first and then came to help me with my fish. We caught several hybrids on the flitterbaits and the technique that worked the best was to just cast it out as far as possible and then burn it back. Here are the two that I hooked, the bigger one was on the Flitterbait.

Fishing continued to be good right up until dark. I caught this fish on a wake bait(Smack Jack) just as it got dark.

The wind was pretty bad so we called it a night and decided to try in the morning. It was the same deal with the cold temps and the fish didn't cooperate until before dark again. We caught several on Flitterbaits and several more on wake baits. Here's another one on a wake bait.

We fished that night and got into the hybrids good about 1 a.m. feeding on Alwife shad. We caught another 14 hybrids from 3-7 lb and one 5 lb largemouth all on the wake bait, and called it quits at 3:30 a.m.. We had a great trip for the conditions.