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Thread: Finding fish in witer?

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    Finding fish in witer?

    Where to look for winter time fish? We do good here in spring and summer and even fall but let the water hit 50 degrees and there dead here for us. When the bait fish moves and then the striper's move. That's when its dead here for me. I know we have big fish as even back around 1987 or so we caught a few around 20 lbs.
    There's times we get someone that knows what there doing and they latch on to some good fish. But 98% of the fisherman here only fish for the easy fish at the dam or top water when there busting. But then that;s it for us.
    Any pointers to help me out on the bigger fish or tips where they move to when the water cools down. Will sure help..
    I'm fishing below Pickwick and above the Dam at Pickwick.
    Work never gets in my way of fishing.

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    Go to the very backs of the creeks and pull boards or balloons back towards the creek mouth along the banks, use a mix of freelines and downlines when you hit deeper water.

    Find the warmer water because that's where the bait will be.

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    Here in TN, we look for the seagulls. They often hover over feeding stripers pushing bait to the top. Alot of guys pull umbrella rigs around these birds and do quite well. I will say one thing most of your bigger fish on the lakes are not going to come up and hit a board, if you want bigger fish you have to go deeper. I mainly musky fish in the winter time because the striper fishing bite really slows down for me.

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