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Thread: A Gorgeous Day on Juliette!!!

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    A Gorgeous Day on Juliette!!!

    Conditions: Sunny and Nice!!!
    Temp: Low: 55 High: 83
    Heat Index: 86
    Winds: Calm (morning) 04mph (afternoon)
    Pumping: no
    Lake level: Down 4.5+
    Water Clarity: clear
    Surface temperature: Rising 83-87 F
    Temperature @ 25: 78.5
    Barometer Reading: 30.11 Rising
    Relative Humidity: 45%
    Moon phase: Waning Gibbous Moon 3% Full
    Fish Caught between 12 to 25

    Lake Juliette 9.6.2010
    It was a gorgeous day on Juliette!!!
    Pulled into Dames Ferry early on Labor Day (before light), there was
    no one on the lake that I could see. Had to put a small jacket on, the air temp at 6am was 55.
    Headed to the north end of the lake, checking for some surface action.
    Found some shad that was real small, about 2 long. Caught 5 fish, 4 LM and 1 striper. The LM was about 6 lbs and the stripe was about 2 lbs. Had a good day, wish I had caught a few more fish but the lake was beautiful. The water was like glass most of the day. Did not see the first boat until 9:30am.
    That is why I love this lake. Taken my grandson this weekend, he is 6 yrs old. Finally talked his mother into letting me take him in a boat. Hope to put him on his first striper.
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