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Thread: I am back ..

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    I am back ..

    Guys sorry I have been swamped, Fishing,kids out of school, wife in school, Fishing, but now that things have calmed down a little i will be back on . Well i removed all my lowrance stuff from my boat after i had more HDS issues. Signed on with humminbird and have the 1197csi and 788c and tthe new i-pilot on the way. Had a great start to summer with lots of big fish being caught . Hybrids up to 12 lbs,5 and 6 lb spots, Had a customer land a 9 lb LMB and boated over 100 fish at nottley in less then a week. Glad to be back on and hope to get some down time to re-rig for fall fishing and maybe even wax the boat.

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    Man I know how you feel. My son is playing football and my little girl is in dance. Both of them are in school now. I'm ready for another vacation. Atleast your still getting to go fishing. I haven't been since I got back from Saint George Island.

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    I don't think you've missed much.

    Time to catch some fish...

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    time to take a nap...lol .. cant wait for this heat to pass and the temps to drop some both air and water.

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    Wow, I seem to have the same problem. I'm back as well. Except for one thing, my business has crashed to the point I had to go back to construction. Combine that with my boy having football practice three times a week and games on saturdays, there just isn't time to fish. I will start posting pics as soon as I can. Matter of fact I just might post a couple now.

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