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Thread: I'm first to complain!

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    I'm first to complain!

    Heres my complaint. Bass tourneys. My buddy and I were on East Fork lake in Ohio fishing for hybrid stripers. Every Tuesday night there is a bass tounament. We were fishing an active school of small hybrids that were busting shad on the surface. They were between us and the bank. Just before 9 pm, we see a boat coming up the bank. We thought for sure the guy would see the hybrids busting shad on the surface and go around us. Nope. Drove right over the school just to get to the boat ramp wich was 100 yards up the bank. They wouldn't even look at us. I fired a cast but clamped down on the line because I was afraid I would hit one of them. Of course the fish went down and we were only able to catch one more fish. My boy had never caught hybrids on the surface before and was having a blast until this bass boat drove over the fish.

    Last Tuesday my buddy is fishing the same lake and see's some shad flipping near shore. He drifts in toward them while casting. After a few casts, he see's a boat coming down the bank and he thinks this guy will go around. Nope. Even though my buddy is a cast length from shore, this guy comes right down the bank and casts over his line and tangles him up. My buddy is getting fired up. He asks the guy if he thinks he owns the lake. The guy responds by saying "you should have seen me coming". This guy continues to cast the bank as he goes right in fron of my buddy and is less that 3 ft from my buddy's boat. By this time my buddy is spitting nails. He wants to jump over to the guys boat and teach him some respect. Alll this because of a bass tournament. I like to fish for bass and all other kinds of fish, but I will never fish a tournament if it turns you into a jerk.

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    i feel your pain on the bass tournaments

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