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Thread: Lights for bait

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    Lights for bait

    I'm thinking on trying these lights out. 4 lights for $100 bucks! 1 Hydro Glow is almost 3 times that. Check them out.


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    I don't think they are close to being as bright as a hydroglow though, but it might work

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    yea the light output on those is crap , i deal with a lot of that stuff here at my shop and you dont want those. Get the hydroglow - hell the case it comes in is worth buying

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    I have the hydro already with the case(sweet light). I may try to copy it soon. Just need to know where to get the ballast.

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    I would think you could make your own. Anyone try to make one? Also, do these lights work on gizzard shad? The lake I fish has only gizzards in it.

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    I use the hydro glow near the banks when the water is clear to net a few gizzards. I might try to make one when I have time. Other bait fish come in good.

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    The reason I asked it that the lake I fish has gizzards only. Might bring a crappie or two, but I'm interested in seeing if hybrid stripers can be caught under a ligjht in a lake that has only gizzards.

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    I dont see to many gizzards that come to the light , mostley threads,alewife and blue backs.

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