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Thread: Lake Cumberland striper

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    Lake Cumberland striper

    I caught this striper on a Gizz 3 while the stripers were busting shad on the surface. I started out with a Gizz 4 but only got follows. The stripers were keyed in on small shad. Gizz 3 was the only thing they would hit.

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    Them some strong hooks on that little bait.

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    If you look real close, you will see the red treble hook is no longer on the belly of the lure but is burried in the throat of the striper. The hook held up but the split ring didn't. I felt the split ring fail as I was fighting the fish. I knew I lost a hook. I felt the pop. The back treble is burried nicely in the corner of the mouth.

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    That's my dream there hope to get one that size within the next year or so.
    Work never gets in my way of fishing.

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