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Thread: Juliette 5/15/2010

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    Juliette 5/15/2010

    Conditions: Sunny/Partly Cloudy
    Temp: High 84°F.
    Winds: calm (morning) 15+ (afternoon)
    Pumping: no
    Lake level: Down 2’ relatively stable.
    Water Clarity: clear
    Surface temperature: Rising 79°-81° F
    Barometer Reading: 29.2 falling
    Relative Humidity: 60%
    Moon phase: Waxing Crescent

    Was going to the NHRA in Commerce, Ga. Did not make it! Anyway, headed to Juliette for a day of striper fishing. Arrived at Dames Ferry at 9 o’clock, meet a couple of guys just getting started as I was, beautiful day. First, caught some bream and a perch to use as bait. In the first cove from the boat ramp the shad were everywhere, the stripers where running through the bait. The action was hot on the surface, I threw a white fluke through the shad, but they were moving so fast they were 50 yards out the cove before I could get the fluke back to the boat. The action stopped as fast as it started.
    Marked a ton of fish, just could not get them to pick up the bait. So I decided to pull some u-rigs through the main channels and out in the open water of the main lake. Ran the u-rigs at about 125’ behind the boat. Caught one lonely striper about 5 lbs. At around 4 o’clock the clouds darken, that means get to the ramp fast! Pulled the boat out of the water and the bottom fell out. Had a great time, did not catch what I would have liked ! But I love to fish that lake. Maybe next time.
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