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Thread: Flitterbait for Buffalo Carp

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    Flitterbait for Buffalo Carp

    My buddies and I went to a spillway to see what was biting. Came up with a bunch of big Buff's. Here's one I got on a Gizzard Grey Flitterbait.

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    That looks like fun! Which spillway is that?

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    ya know, its funny that when you have a bait that looks that good what you can catch on it. Just goes to show ya that almost anything will eat a shad.I landed a 10 lb carp on the gizz3 last year slow trolling itin 50 feet of water

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    That's East Fork Lake spillway in the Cincinnati area. We have caught 10 different species on the Flitterbait so far. The other night my buddy and I went to the Ohio River and caught white bass, hybrid stripers, sauger, crappie, largemouth, skipjack and some big drum, all on the same Flitterbait. Nothing wrong with variety.

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