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Thread: River fishing Live bait techniques????-

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    River fishing Live bait techniques????-

    I just went striper fishing for the first time and had decent success. We floated a river and threw swim baits and soft plastic jerk baits. We also had a couple of free lined shiners drifting downstream ahead of our boat. We used a drag chain to slow our drift down so we could thouroughly work the blowdowns and current seams with our artificials. I noticed that we didn't get many bites on the live bait unless we picked up the drag chain and drifted freely. So my question is, do the live baits have to be drifting freely without drag to get bit or is there another bait technique we should be using to get the baitfish to the bottom while we are slow drifting with a drag chain?

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    don't drag anything, just use your trolling motor and pull the baits slowly behind you.

    Trolling motor is the key....

    You don't always want to get the baits to the bottom either, use freelines (no weights) around sunup and evening. In the heat of the afternoon anchor up and fish on the bottom with live or cutbait.

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    So do you troll upstream or use the trolling motor to slow your drift down stream? Are you able to throw artificials while you baitfish or do you just fish bait? I am so use to bass fishing that I feel the need to alway be casting a lure while I wait for a bite on the bait rods. It's also fun to have the rod in your hand when a striper smashes your swimbait. What does your typical bait spread look like when you start fishing in the morning?

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    I like to go upstream slowly, but you can use it to slow you down going downstream, but sometimes the baits will drift past your boat. I think upstream is the best option.

    Yeah it isn't a bad idea to throw some lures while you're waiting on a bite. By myself I run 4-6 baits, depending on how lazy I am feeling and how much debris might be in the water.

    2 planer boards and 2 free lines or 4 planer boards and 2 freelines normally is what I like, its all what you feel like doing though. If you have someone to help watch the lines you can put out as many lines as you want. When I am fishing with someone we have 6-8 lines out and could do more.

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    In early winter what are you looking for as in water depth? Water temp and stuff? Need to learn how to catch them here in the winter time.
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    Go by striper soup in acworth and get you some ready rig floats. They come in different sizes and when you hook them up well above your bait when a fish hits part of the line will pull free of the float and the other end of the float will stay hooked and side up and down the line. Randy B.

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    Randy, what are those ready rig floats?

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    Iwill try to get a picture of one and post it. They work great in salt water and super great in the river It works like a planner board but when you hook up part of it pulls free like a planner board but it will slide up and down your line. best results to use a swivel where the float does not go all the way down to the fish. Randy B. Striper soup in acworth has alot of them.

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