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Thread: First time on the "Hooch"

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    First time on the "Hooch"

    Conditions: Sunny/Partly Cloudy
    Temp: High 88°F.
    Winds: calm (morning) 10+ (afternoon)
    River level: low
    Water Clarity: stained
    Surface temperature: Rising 66°-71° F
    Barometer Reading: 30.2 falling
    Relative Humidity: 40%
    Moon phase: 3rd Quarter

    First time on the Hooch from Ringer Park. Headed to the Hooch for a day of striper fishing with a great new friend (MoneyMan). We put in at Ringer Park just south of Franklin. A beautiful morning, you could not ask for any better. Started off trying to catch some bait (good thing we brought some) we only caught 2 threadfin after about 40 minutes of casting. Rode north towards Franklin to find the big ones. Anchored up in different areas of the river, finally a pull down, it was a small lineside. The skunk was off our backs.
    We caught 3 stripes, 1 spot, 1 catfish and a 4+lb Hybird.
    Headed back to the ramp, we were flagged down by a man in a boat that had ran out of fuel. Good Samaritans we were, we help the gentlemen get fuel for their boat. That made for the best ending of a great day on “The Hooch”.
    “Just remember that could be you one day so help out a friend in need”
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    sounds like a fun time. I am going to try to get out tonight, but we'll see if I actually can get the time.

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    Glad to hear you broke the ice. Thanks for the report. Im still recovering from my trip. I hope to be back out saturday night

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