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Thread: A RiverPro won't go everywhere

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    A RiverPro won't go everywhere

    Mike Mad said he didn't think my RiverPro could get all the way to the back of Wahoo Creek. He was right!!! He did say it was shallow but what he didn't say is it gets shallow FAST.

    If you think my clothes are in the boat you are right. Thank goodness the water temp was about 67. It is the first time I've been stuck and I learned that rope on a come-along stretches too much. But it's better than nothing.

    After I got free I fished for a while and got two in the low teens. At one point a fish was blowing up big time on a big Gizzard. but before she could get it an Osprey swooped down and beat her to it. Damn, and that was my best Giz. :x

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    Haha, that is awesome! 2 in the low teens is a great day! Congrats.

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    Atleast that was sand you got stuck on. Great pictures!

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    Really cool pictures.

    How deep where the two fish you caught? Where they all the way in the back?

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    They weren't in the back but were on humps near the bridge. One on a float baited with a 5" brim about 10 feet back and the other on a free lined 6" trout. Sorry I didn't mention this earlier but I was mostly talking about getting stuck.

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    Jerry it is a jet , but it is a boat and I think it still needs water....lol man i love that boat..

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