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Thread: Winners

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    I am going to announce the winners in the main contest threads tonight.

    I have a hard decision to make.

    I know Grayfox has won either quality poster or fishing report; I am still trying to decide on the other. Lake and Stream won referrals already...

    I am trying to decide the other, I'll update yall soon.

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    Lake and Stream won the fishing report contest.

    It was a hard choice, but this is the post that won it:

    Everyone who posted did a great job.

    Grayfox won quality poster award, and he was forum leader statistically. A spro lure headed your way.

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    Rewards went out today, did you get your email Eric?

    Grayfox, you'll have your lure this week.

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    yes i did thank you. just got it. and my new 10 ft. net is in the mail.

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