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Thread: 3-27-10 Report

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    3-27-10 Report

    My partner and I went to Murray Friday evening to fish the SBCC tournament trail event on Saturday. We stayed in a hotel in Columbia but found a nice place to rent cabins and there is a nice big launch and Bar and grill right on the water. The name of the place is Buffalo Creek Bar and Grill and cabin rentals. I don't know if they have a website but we met some good folks that work there.

    As far as the fishing goes, there was a fish kill on Murray a couple of years ago and the DNR's stocking program seems to be under fire right now. Bigger fish are few and far between with more rat stripes than anything else. After a tip from a buddy we checked Buffalo Creek late Friday evening and marked a few fish in the shallows of the back of the creek. We decided to start our fishing there in the morning and trailered the boat to head back to the hotel.
    In the morning everything went as planned and we were lines in the water at 7 am. The water temps were in the upper 50's in early morning warming to around 60-61 by afternoon. We had brought a variety of baits with most being small trout and gizzards. After putting out a large spread we boated our first stripe, a 22 incher on a weighted planer with a 3 inch trout. The creek was active with rolling fish and we had a constant barage of window shoppers on the graph. Small curious rats, more than likely. We continued to work the creek and boated 4 more stripes with the biggest 3 going between 8-9 pounds. Most of the fish came from small trout on free lined planers or weighted planers. I think we had one 7.5 lber coming from a small gizz.

    The free lined fish we caught all put on an ariel display crushing the baits on top and coming out of the water. It's always pretty awesome to see striper do this in the spring. We had stripers do the same thing on Lanier pulling BB's shallow the week before last.

    To me, Lake Murray is a lake on the mend as far as the striper population goes. Just a few years ago Murray was a lake where teenage fish weren't uncommon, bigger fish could be found up the rivers and in the creek backs and a very popular lake with striper anglers. Right now the lake is full and there are plenty of smaller fish to provide a fun fishing trip, especially if your bringing kids this spring. There are plenty of rental cabins that have docks and grass right down to the water. It's a very pretty lake.

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    Gota love fast action and small fish....WHEN THE BIG ONES WONT EAT

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