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Thread: 3-27-2010

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    Had about 3 hours to fish today so i figured that was better then 3 hours of yard work.

    Very cold today about 33 here pre sunrise. Frost on the boat for about 30 min. WINDY blowing about 25 mph. water hit 50 but that's it.

    started out in the back of fisher creek.....way in the back. Looked for shad and pulled boards with small trout and med. trout for about an hour and a half. Just kinda checking to see where there might be a school of fish feeding back there. Water wa stained in the back of fisher and we didn't mark the first school of bait. worked out to the points at the mouth of fisher and the screen looked alot better but still no action.

    they were genorating from 8-2 pm SAT. but the fish just weren't interested in our baits at all.

    after looking around the dam and in the major creeks on that end of the lake it was time to go! will be out a FEW times in the next week and will keep you posted.

    April is one of those months when you can go from being skunked to putting a 25 in the boat in a matter of seconds. Keep fishing and it will pay off good.
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    Thanks for the report.

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    Thanks for the report. Better luck next time.

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