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Thread: 800 gallon yard pond

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    800 gallon yard pond

    Here is my tank at home. thats half of a 1600 gal. poly tank

    This is a easy way to make a large at home set-up. Just about anyone can make it and it isnt doesnt have to be this big.

    I am going to make a 3 barrel set up to have a 100 gallon tank with a 50 gallon filter, that will run the same way.

    make sure it is flat.

    inside of a blue plastic drum

    here is the basic plumbing set up. two out flows with control valves one up high and one on the bottom.

    i drilled holes in the intake tube to act as a pre filter of sorts.

    some happy carters gizzard shad.

    this all fits real nice behind the boat
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    nice set up there!

    Thanks for posting, now we all know where we can catch some gizzard shad pretty quickly

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