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Thread: Banned IPs

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    Banned IPs

    I just banned 13k ip addresses that are supposed to be European.

    If anyone has a problem accessing this site from a certain location or knows anyone who is having problems let me know.

    It shouldn't effect anyone in the US, but you never know.

    We are getting overran with viagra and weight loss advertisements, I had to do something.

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    They are trying to get to me. LOL

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    I noticed that you are still getting spam adds on this site. One thing that we did on my site was to send them an email when they register and ask them a few questions before making them members. It seems to weed them out pretty good. I cant remember the last non fisherman we had on our site. Something to consider.

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    Recently I have added email conformation before registering, it cut out a ton of spammers. This is the first in over a week. I'll ban some more, should take care of it.

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