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Thread: Claytor Lake 3-20-2010

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    Claytor Lake 3-20-2010

    Claytor Lake- 3-20-2010
    water temp -51-53.8
    air temp- 50
    clarity- about .5 feet
    wind- light and varible
    time fished- 8:30pm - 12
    lake level - full

    I couldn't stand it anymore I had to hit the lake. The lake was in the worse shape I have ever seen it. The lake was covered with sticks, logs and whole trees. The water looks like coffee. My fish finder showed the water to be around 53 when I first got there, and 51 when I left. I thought that was a little high, but the muddy water might warm up faster. I hit a couple of my honey holes and caught one striper slow rolling a deep diver jerkbait. I herd quite a few busting the water. I think the fishing will be great as soon as the water clears up. I can't beleive a striper can find a lure in water like that.

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    Nice report. I don't know if this is true or not, but I was told that even if the water is muddy, the water will be clear 10 to 15 ft down.

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    Interesting, nice job on pulling one out of the mud...

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