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Thread: March Friend Referral Winner (LakeandStream)

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    March Friend Referral Winner (LakeandStream)

    The "refer a friend" winner will be announced on April 1st, and will be receiving a $50 Bass Pro Card.

    I know this forum doesn't have many members, but all that does is increase your chances of winning.

    See this post for information:

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    As of today we have two referral leaders:

    Mike S. - 1
    GrayFox10 - 1

    In the event of a tie, we'll figure out some sort of tie breaker method or split it 50/50....the guys can decide.

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    DBryant - 1

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    GrayFox10 2
    Lake and Stream 2
    Mike S. 2
    DBryant 1

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    This is what I have, but I have a few problems here. People aren't using the referral code box, but telling me who they are referring.

    So Eric, Mike referred you correct? If so that is plus 1 for Mike S - I gave him credit for this one already with the sign up of my friend and my referral hyperstriper.

    Mad Mike said he was referred by Eric, so plus 1 for Eric...

    Now please be honest guys, because this has to be done on the honor system:
    Who referred Jamie Townsend, and Mean Monroe.....I am pretty sure Mike told Jamie and Eric told Mean - but I am not giving credit until it is confirmed so the current number is:

    Lake and Stream 3 (Kevin Crowly, ChristaChaos, MadMike)
    GrayFox10 2 (deerhunter, longjohn)
    Mike S. 2 (Bubba, Eric)
    DBryant 1

    I am trying to be fair with this, but it is important that these new guys put your names in the box or the first post in their introduction.

    Thanks a ton for everyone who is participating, no promises, but if all goes well with my job this month I will probably give the 2nd place person a little something also.

    Because of you guys we have nearly 40 members, in only 13 days. The referral process has been a learning experience, next month I will have some more rules on it so we have no confusion, but next months fishing report rewards will be better to encourage good fishing reports, remember best fishing reporter wins this month too.

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    and i had stripehunter43

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    I had Jamie T.
    Still waiting on Cards Fan, Robert E., Danny L., Cy Gracier, Illman, and Paul Parsons.
    Last edited by Mike S.; 03-13-2010 at 10:58 PM.

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    i feel like we are picking teams in school ...lol

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    fantasy fishing board draft

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    ya except here the fat guy doesn't get picked last....

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