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Thread: March Friend Referral Winner (LakeandStream)

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    Lake and Stream (Eric C) referred me today. When I registered I didn't know his web ID for sure.

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    Thanks, yeah Eric is winning this competition so far. I'll come up with the actual numbers by Monday.

    Thanks guys...

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    Eric, Lake and Stream, you won, you have a $50 bass pro card coming your way.

    You want me to mail it to you or call you when I come up to Carters next week?

    PM me with your phone number or mailing address.

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    Mike S referred a lot of people, he gets a surprise 2nd place gift this month.

    T-Shirt (when they arrive), Gizzard Shad Lure, Subway Sandwich , and I will grace him with my presence on the next fishing trip.

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    congrats guys. You guys sure have added a lot of members to the website. keep up the good work.

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    Mike s Referred me too

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