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Thread: Hunk here...

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    Hunk here...

    hey, Lake and Stream told me to join up. Live near Lanier. Fish often. My day job is an IT director, part time fishing guide. Trying to learn more about stripers, mainly been a saltwater, bass and walleye guy, but starting to get into stripers.

    My name is Bill Hunkapiller, but my friends call me "Hunk". not because of my last name just becasue I'm so dang good lookin' (not!)

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    Welcome aboard. I am an IT guy also....

    .NET developer, graphic designer, whatever pays that day I do.

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    welcome hunk. glad to see ya on here.

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    Welcome to the site Hunk. I'm an artificial guy if you have any questions. Im going to start learning to use live bait one of these days.

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