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Thread: fish catching tool

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    fish catching tool

    hey fellows. have any of you guys tried the greast fish catcher i have ever seen. the scrounger head. if you have not tried it yet you had better get some. i have caught ever thing that swims i guess on them. put you a small fluke on them and hang on. stripers love them and a hybrid will jump in the boat to get one. their hard to find but ted at the dugout keeps them. all different sizes. ocean fish love them to. speckled trout red fish shark anything that has a fin. our good ol spotted bass will run you down to get one. try it you will love it. thanks randy b.

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    i have a few they are killer spots and smallies. have a friend that is producing some now as well.

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    its a upside down jig/crank bait soft plastic head

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    Hey, I got some of those. I forgot all about them. I'll use them for hybrids up the Etowah soon as the Corps fill Toona back up.

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    Yeah I got some of those things. I'm sure they work very well, but I just didn't care for the action. Cool idea though.

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    Try the large ones, i have some 3/4 oz and 1 oz ones i use in the spring with super flukes - toss em out let em sink and rip and stop them on rocky bottom or in current. i dont have much luck on the small ones.

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