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Thread: etowah stripers

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    etowah stripers

    hey fellows i have some news about fishing the etowah river. we all need to check real good because i was told that the state passed a new law that some how got slid in and it states you can not be within 50 feet of any bridge orlaunch a boat within 50 feet of any bridge . they are putting signs up all along the river at the bridges and they say its a federal offense. we need to find out more about this. any body that knows anybody talk to them. i dont really know what the reason is for this but if its true we need to complain in a big way. thanks randy b.

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    are you talking about all the new signs they put up? that got slid in on the trout water bill i guess. i know they put up signs every where the cartacay,ellijay and cossawatee river cross a road. wondering what that was???

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    Mike called and told me about that this morning...

    I can't find it anywhere been looking on google for the last 15 minutes.

    Someone needs the write the bill number down so we can look it up.

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    there is a sign i have to pass on the way to my shop , i will write it down.

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