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Thread: 3-12-2010

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    water temp 47-48.5
    air temp 43-46
    clarity- about 3-4 feet
    wind- 5-10 out of the west
    time fished- 10am to 1:30pm
    lake level - full ,but not so full you cant use the floating docks.

    Fishing was ok yesterday. we had 1 break off, i missed hook set by my 10 yr old and i put a 19.0 lber in the boat.fished with med trout and didn't have to look around very much.

    In march I have always tried to time my fishing with the pump back from the re-reg. This mixing of water really attracts the bait fish and the water temps are always a tad bit higher when they suck that water back to the big lake. Yesterday they only had 1 pump running and it was the far right hand pump #4 best i can tell. this causes the water to flow very fast down the right hand side of the channel and none at all on the left side. The current stirs up the bait and this will turn these fish on. I pull planers with flat lines behind them up current and i pull them really slow.Put your baits about 25-30 feet behind the boards. this technique has produced fish over and over again in march and April while they are pumping water. look outside the mouth of the generation channel and down both sides of the dam. Large schools of bait will school up about 100-200 yds outside that same channel and just hold in the current.

    went up river to do some scouting. water levels look good, temp looks good but , water looked like old coffee...lol
    51.8 up river and some shad showing up already.wont be long and you just might catch a fish or two up there.

    On another note they had a striper tournament yesterday. I think there was 6 boats . two spots won the contest and no stripes were caught at all. I wasnt allowed to enter ...lol

    did find out that 29% of the 400 tagged fish have been caught in the 2009 - 2010 tagging study.

    Also a huge number of dead or almost dead yellow perch were floating around the lake yesterday .Prob. had close to a hundred,not sure what thats about but i will find out.

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    Great report, the river is a mudhole but once it clears it should be really good. 50-52 now, the sun should warm up the mud water this week even more.

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    Let me ask a question to all of you.

    Has anyone on here caught a striper or even seen a striper up the river on carters in the last 3 or 4 years? Back in 2005 there was a run and almost every year before that but the last 3 maybe 4 years there hasn't been a good bite up the river at all. I have spent a good deal of time up there and have seen a fish here and there but not like it use to be. March , April , May what ever i have done it , over and over with lures,live shad, live trout, live everything. notmuch to show for it. i have started at the first set of rocks and fished all the way up to what we call mnt. town heights. it's where mountain town creek dumps into the river. I have started in cossawatee river resort and floated down to the lake looking for fish.

    Not sure why but if you ask anyone that lives up here or fishes up here alot they will all same the same thing. I have wondered if it was the drought, or poor water quality, maybe it was just to cold or warm and the moon didnt line up with mars or something. I have no idea. All i know is it has changed and ever year there are people fishing up from allatoona,lanier,nottley and catching fish. If anyone knows the answer to this question or has a picture of a fish from up river between the month of march till may please let me see it.

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    Last year on Claytor Lake, VA I ran into the same thing. The year before I caught dozens of Stripers and hybrids up in a creek and last year they didn't seem to go up in there. Maybe water was too warm. That was my thoughts anyway. Thanks for the detailed report.

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    so nobody has seen a stripe up the river at carters huh ...thats what i thought. maybe this is the year.

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