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Freshwater Striper Facts

Striped Bass are an anadromous fish and their spawning ritual of traveling up rivers to spawn led some of them to become landlocked during lake dam constructions. It was once believed that the first area they became landlocked was in the Santee-Cooper river during
the contrsuction of the two dams that impounded Lake Moultie and Lake Marion, and because of this believe the state game fish of South Carolina is the Striped Bass.

Recently biologists believe that Striped bass stayed in rivers for long periods of time, some not returning to sea unless tempature changes forced migration.

Once fishermen and biologists caught on to rising Striper populations, many state Natural Resources Departments started stocking striped bass into local impoundments.

Striped Bass still continue the natural spawn run in freshwater lakes, traveling up river to the next dam, hince landlocked.

Freshwater Striper Fishing