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Bait and Bait Tanks

Build A Home Bait Tank

Building a bait tank that can hold hundreds of baits for your home is now a fairly easy task thanks to Mike S. on our forums for the pictures and write up.

Here is a general overview on how the bait tank works:
This diagram shows how your home bait tank will function. The bait holding area on the right, the water filtration area on the left.

Here is where you can find the barrels for a smaller boat-bait tank. There will be an article on how to do this.
Barrels For Sale on Striper Forum

Here is the finished bait tank in action.

Bait Filtration Area
Bait Filter in Action

Inside the bait holding area

Here is the bait tank power source.

Here is the happy gizzard shad

Here is the happy striper bait

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